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SWB Web Consulting Service exists to provide you the web publishing expertise to get your personal or business web pages online. In today's information technology world, if you don't have a web site, you are behind the times. Not only can a web site broadcast to the world your services and interests, it can provide a valuable opportunity to bring in customers for your business or just show friends and family photos from your last vacation or your pets.

SWB Web Consulting Service can design a web site from the ground up or re-design an existing one. I believe in keeping web sites as simple as possible (KISS method) and still get the point across. Over the years, I have found that "bells and whistles" tend to repel people. A web site should load fast and provide the required information directly upfront.

Active web sites that I created, maintain, and/or host:

Harry Leidel
Rugen Songs
Ted Hall's Blues Machine
Ted Hall & the Pleasure Cats

Advanced Document Exam Services
Ananda Kriya (Custom Jewelry)
Austin Pallet Company
Juan Co. Great Service Contractor
S'rey Mean Chey Bags
TA Law Office
Tedford Distributors LLC
Zantar Design Concepts

HomeOwner Associations
Summer Mountain Ranch POA
Crossing At Onion Creek HOA

Missing Pitchers

7th Chakra Music
Happy Chakra Yoga

Dog Training
Euro Dog Center

Awesome web sites you should check out

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Indigo Intentions
Pet Finder
The Pajama Company
Therapeutic Massage by Laureli
Yoga Yoga
Nerium International
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