Jack's Pack Home

Companion Animal Services

We offer limited companion animal service out of our place, with flexible drop off and pick up available. These services are only available for small dogs at this time. Exceptions may be made for larger dogs with calm, gentle dispositions. I have experience with whelping dogs and cats, hand rearing newborns, geriatric care, and animals with a variety of other special needs. There is no additional fee for administration of oral or subcutaneous medication. The dogs are cared for in home with regular supervised outside breaks in a securely enclosed yard.

Daycare Rates (up to 12 hours): $20 per day, an addition $15 for each dog in the same family.

Boarding Rate: $25 per day, an addition $20 for each dog in the same family.

Basic Grooming (bath, brush, & nail trim) Rates: $20 per dog less than 25lbs, an addition $15 per dog less than 25lbs in the same family. $25 per dog 25lbs or more, an addition $20 per dog 25lbs or more in the same family.

De-shedding: $10 for dogs less than 25lbs, $15 for dogs 26 to 50lbs, $20 for dogs more than 51lbs.

Daily Walk: $5 for 15 minutes, $10 for 30 minutes.

Midwoof Care (for whelping dogs) Regular daycare and boarding rates apply for pregnant dogs, with an additional $100 fee when/if she whelps in my care.

Hand Rearing (newborn puppies and kitties) $30 per day for up to 2 puppies or kittens, $40 per day for up to 4 puppies or kittens, $50 per day for 5 or more puppies or kittens. You must provide milk replacer formula and bottles and/or tube feeding kit.