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Adoption Requirements

STEP 1 - Review Requirements
All potential adopters must meet each of Jack's Pack's general requirements outlined above for the eligibility to apply for the adoption of a companion animal.

STEP 2 - View Our Adoptable Pets Online
Jack's Pack provides detailed profiles, along with pictures, for all of our companion animals available for adoption within our website. We ask for potential adopters to read all of the information provided for the companion animal they may wish to adopt prior to making an adoption inquiry. Jack's Pack usually indicates the change of a companion animal's status on their individual page within 24 hours, so chances are if the companion animal is listed as available then he/she is still awaiting a forever family.

STEP 3 - Adoption Inquiry
Once potential adopters have reviewed our adoption requirements, adoption process, and all the information provided in the companion animal's profile, the next step is to make an adoption inquiry. Please include a little information about your home, family, companion animal history and the reason you wish to adopt the specific companion animal. You may contact us by email at JacksPackTX@aol.com anytime or by phone from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Jack's Pack is entirely volunteer operated, so please allow us 48 hours to respond to your adoption inquiry.

STEP 4 - Meet & Greet
Jack's Pack hosts meet and greet events nearly every weekend as an opportunity for potential adopters to visit some of our companion animals awaiting forever homes. We do not allow same day adoptions. Please refer to our "Meet & Greet" page for details about our upcoming events, including which companion animals are attending. If the companion animal a potential adopters wishes to visit is not scheduled to attend an upcoming event, you are welcome to request his/her attendance. Potential adopters may also request an individual visit with a specific companion animal at the availability of the foster family.

STEP 5 - Adoption Application
Unless the potential adopter or Jack's Pack has already determined it's not a suitable match, the next step is to complete an application for adoption. Our adoption application is available online by request only. The adoption application requests information to help us assess the care potential adopters have provided to current and previous companion animals (if applicable) and the care you they will provide to the companion animal you wish to adopt. It also helps us assess the potential adopter's suitability for the specific companion animal, and visa versa, so please take your time to answer the questions to the best of your ability. In effort to ensure each companion animal is placed with the most suitable adopter, we do not offer companion animals on a "first come first serve basis." We may accept multiple applications for a particular companion animal and determine through our adoption process which potential adopter is most suitable the particular companion animal's needs. NOTE: We ask that all potential adopters confirm with their leasing agents that they are permitted to house the companion animal they wish to adopt prior beginning our adoption process to save both us and you time. Please be sure to specifically inquire about size and breed restrictions.

STEP 6 - Application Review
Jack's Pack will review the potential adopter's application and contact personal, veterinary (if applicable) and leasing (if applicable) references within 7 days of submission. We will subsequently contact the potential adopter with any follow up questions and/or concerns. If we determine that the companion animal the potential adopter applied to adopt is not a suitable match or if we've selected another applicant to for the adoption of the companion animal, we may suggest more suitable companion animal for the potential adopter's adoption consideration.

STEP 7 - Home Visit
A Jack's Pack volunteer will bring the companion animal to the potential adopter's home for a visit. All residence, companion animals included, must be present. The suitability of your home environment and yard will be assessed as well as the behavior of the companion animal and interaction with all household members. Jack's Pack does not allow for the placement to occur at this time in order to allow us and yourself the opportunity for further consideration, rather than making an on the spot decision. A Jack's Pack volunteer will contact the potential adopter within a few days to discuss any questions and/or concerns regarding the home visit and, based on the potential adopter's response, the volunteer will make a recommendation to the Jack's Pack team. If the Jack's Pack team determines a likelihood of a suitable match, a volunteer will contact the potential adopter to discuss the foster to adopt period and placement plan.

STEP 8 - Foster-To-Adopt Contract & Placement
The 14 day foster-to-adopt placement will begin once all other steps have been completed to satisfaction the potential adopter and the Jack's Pack team. At the time of the foster-to-adopt placement, specific terms of the potential adoption will be discussed, a foster-to-adopt contract will be signed by all parties, and the companion animals predetermined adoption fee will be collected. The foster-to-adopt period allows the companion animal an adjustment period that is sometimes necessary to display his/her true behavior and disposition. It also allows you and us opportunity to assess the companion animal's adjustment to your home and family before a final decision is made. Jack's Pack reserves legal ownership (property rights) of the companion animal during the foster-to-adopt period as well as the right to further evaluate the suitability of the potential adoption during the foster-to-adopt placement which may include follow-up phone calls, emails, or home visits. The foster-to-adopt contract may be canceled by the potential adopter or Jack's Pack at any time during the 14 days if, as determined by either party, it is ascertained that the placement is not suitable for the companion animal or an unforeseen issue arises that is irresolvable (e.g. the companion animal is incompatible with another household companion animal). In the event that the foster-to-adopt contract is canceled by either part, the companion animal must be immediately returned directly to Jack's Pack and the adoption fee returned to you within 30 days, unless the contract cancellation resulted from false information provided during the adoption process, including in the adoption application, in which case adoption fee shall not be returned.

STEP 9 - Adoption Finalization
Upon expiration of the foster period, with no cancellation, the adoption in finalized. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!